L'Ambizioso Duo

L’Ambizioso Duo performs with an exciting and refreshing look into the world of double bass and piano repertoire like no one has ever witnessed or heard before. Comprised of two exceptionally talented brothers, professional trained at the top music conservatories and universities in the world, L’Ambizioso Duo performs around the country annually for tens of thousands of people. Make sure to catch them in their upcoming 2018 tour, sponsored in part by the Minnesota Arts Council!

L'Ambizioso is pronounced La-ahm-beetzi-oatzo, and is Italian for "the Ambitious One." It is the name of Brock's hand-carved Italian bass as given by the luthier, Luciana Golia. 

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L'Ambizioso in 30 Seconds

2018 "Encore" Tour Announced!

L'Ambizioso is proud to announce renewed sponsorship from the Minnesota Arts Council! Besides covering a vast majority of Minnesota, this summer's tour will reach the broader Midwest; from Chicago to Nebraska to Washington State!

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Reviews/Testimonials of L'Ambizioso

Thank you SO much for performing for us! I keep hearing that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the concert!
— Jude Richter

Tour 2018 Support

Tour 2018 is made possible through generous support from the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council and the McKnight Foundation. Thank you!


To learn more about what our concerts look like, watch this video from one of our recent concerts in California.